About Me

About Me

SarahI’ve noticed that I’ve changed a lot during these latest years, my gestures, my way of thinking and behaving, all gradually. When my daughter was born I became more sensitive and started to look for information in order to grow her up in the healthiest and happiest possible way.

My thought of leaving her the Earth undamaged, without leaving deterioration from my footprints, that she will be able to admire the beauty of nature and play in a natural environment as I did made me turn upside down my lifestyle. In fact it is up to us, parents, to teach our children how to cohabit and respect what the earth gives us, to be informed of what we eat and how we feed them.

I’m giving my contribution, maybe is not as big as others do, but I feel that I’m giving it and the best thing is that I do it with love and conscious. I’ve quit buying food and products from my country of origin, as noted they do not taste so good as if bought there ( with all the KM they do on ship or plane and then frozen!), so I’m not contributing to more CO2 emission and buying local. If I feel the need then go to the Trade fair shop, at least the farmer are paid well for their work. I’m eating more cereals, grains and learnt to make gluten, breads and so many dishes from biological products, so my baby is eating fresh with delicious things I do by myself.

I could never imagine I would have been able to do so, but once you do the first step ideas comes to your mind and if you have always the ingredients in your cupboard things are easier! I read all the labels of food products as well as care products to avoid colorants, parabens and chemicals that are well-known as harmful for our health.

In my little home recycle the most I can in the proper bin. It means work, but I do. Then I got more conscious of what fashion is and do not buy in compulsive way as I did when I was 20, now I try to buy and promote those companies that produce consciously. It is not easy, you need time. Time is money, but I have also learnt to slow down, for me for my family, for my world.

Green-style-life was born to share information with all of you.

Thanks for reading us.

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