Top Green Food Companies I Use and Trust

Top Green Food Companies I Use and Trust

no-till-farmingI am always on the lookout for products the are not only healthy, but also conscientious. Many large companies produce their products with no regards for the processes’ long-lasting effects on the earth and the consumer is none the wiser.

Thankfully, in 2016 tons of green food and beverage companies are leading the way with sustainably produced products. There are many companies now who go out of their way to prioritize the health of the people buying their food and the earth as whole. When compiling this list I tried to look at companies that I personally use and offered a wide range of products that represented a true commitment to the earth. I purposely avoided any companies that had larger parent companies that most likely don’t honor the values of their smaller, purchased, subsidiaries.

Frontier Natural Products

frontier_natural-logoFrontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative that has had it’s eye on a natural lifestyle since the early 70’s. How their co-op impacts the world around them is of the utmost importance, and are completely committed to the communities that produce their products. Your purchases benefit struggling families and communities around the world.

Numi Organic Tea

english_westminster_teaNumi was founded by a brother and sister team who spent time traveling the world and seeing how sacred tea leaves were to every single culture. This team wanted to show the wets just how special these teas could be. The driving principle of the company is to create a product that is not only healthy, but also supports the planet in a way the help it thrive, not destroys it.All products are USDA certified organic, made with 100 percent herbs, fruits, flowers and spices. There are also no artificial flavorings or fragrances

Caveman Coffee Co

coffee-beans-wallpapers-hdCaveman Coffee has a strict standard when it comes to the environment. It started with their growing process and ends with the packaging the ship their beans in. Unlike most other companies, every bean is grown under the UTZ certification and Rainforest alliance protocols. This not only supports the earth, but makes sure the people growing and producing the beans are supported as well. These alliances support the communities that produce many of the world’s goods. Caveman routinely tests it’s products for food safety to ensure the highest standards are continually met before it’s sent out to its customers through it’s coffee delivery service.

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