How and Why To Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

How and Why To Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

imgresInk cartridges have become increasingly common inAmerican homes as the printer has become more and more accessible to ordinary consumers. Even companies consume large amounts of ink and it is not always easy to know how to proceed when these cartridges one day inevitably comes to an end.

To dispose of their empty cartridges properly is not just a way to reduce waste and impact on nature, but can also be an economically good solution for you, the consumer.

Recycle for the environment

Recycling ink cartridges has great benefits for manufacturers and consumers, but of course mainly for the environment. Want to recycle your used ink cartridges? What you should do is look on the packaging in which you received your cartridges to see if the retailer or the manufacturer offers to receive cartridges. In some cases, this is done in order to refill the cartridges with new, fresh ink and then sell at a discount, in other cases it is the manufacturer / dealer’s way of simply caring about the environment in the same way as you.

Is this not an option, go to a recycling center where the cartridges fall under the category of “hazardous waste”. They remove waste in a way that minimizes the risk of toxins into the environment. Recycling centers are available in all municipalities and you can find your nearest recycling center on your municipality’s website .

Save money by recycling cartridges

For you as a consumer, it can be a financially good idea to recycle ink cartridges when many retailers and manufacturers can offer refills that cost significantly less than new cartridges and / or discounts on new cartridges when you leave your old one. It can even be so smooth that it is possible for you to send in your old cartridges by mail. Thus, you can recycle your ink cartridges and get paid for it without even having to take you to any store.

By recycling your cartridges in this way you will save both you and the manufacturer / dealer money while taking care of the already vulnerable nature.


Ink cartridges are certainly not cheap so it comes to buying right from the beginning to avoid unnecessary costs. Our tip is that you can compare ink cartridges before you decide what you can do. Here you can easily find the right cartridge for your printer while smoothly and clearly can compare various retailers and their prices. By purchasing the right kind of ink cartridges, you are kind to your wallet and the environment.

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