Tips for Quicker and Natural Cooking

Tips for Quicker and Natural Cooking

Now that you have decided to eat more natural and introduce organic food you surely will notice that prepare good natural food requires more time and effort, but with some tips you can save time and enjoy cooking:

farmers market vegetablesWhen shopping for vegetables (maybe once a week) dedicate an hour to wash them, then wrap them individually in a cloth towel and keep them fresh (carrots are very comfortable to hold in a bag of cotton).

Cook pasta, soups and stews for two meals.

Cook the rice and other cereals in quantities for for three meals. You can later only heat, or use them in different types of recipes that allow you to reuse them, like salads, baked dishes , etc.

In your kitchen cupboard, keep a shelf for storing cereals, another one for sweeteners and nuts, one for spices, one for bread and biscuits, etc.. If you keep in order you will find your ingredients much easier and faster.

While cooking do not make a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. As you use tools or utensils, rinse them and put them to drain. Uncluttered you move better and faster, and the time spent cleaning is widely repaid.

If find difficulties in organizing the kitchen, make a list of dishes that you will prepare, starting with what he has to cook longer and ending with the most fast. The salad, which should not cook, be prepared for last.

If you are planning your kitchen, or if have the ability to adapt to new needs, consider this replacements: sink – large working – stove, so that the work plan enable it to fully utilize the other two resources.

For each job should be used the right tools, and the kitchen is no exception.

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