How and Why To Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

How and Why To Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

imgresInk cartridges have become increasingly common inAmerican homes as the printer has become more and more accessible to ordinary consumers. Even companies consume large amounts of ink and it is not always easy to know how to proceed when these cartridges one day inevitably comes to an end.

To dispose of their empty cartridges properly is not just a way to reduce waste and impact on nature, but can also be an economically good solution for you, the consumer.

Recycle for the environment

Recycling ink cartridges has great benefits for manufacturers and consumers, but of course mainly for the environment. Want to recycle your used ink cartridges? What you should do is look on the packaging in which you received your cartridges to see if the retailer or the manufacturer offers to receive cartridges. In some cases, this is done in order to refill the cartridges with new, fresh ink and then sell at a discount, in other cases it is the manufacturer / dealer’s way of simply caring about the environment in the same way as you.

Is this not an option, go to a recycling center where the cartridges fall under the category of “hazardous waste”. They remove waste in a way that minimizes the risk of toxins into the environment. Recycling centers are available in all municipalities and you can find your nearest recycling center on your municipality’s website .

Save money by recycling cartridges

For you as a consumer, it can be a financially good idea to recycle ink cartridges when many retailers and manufacturers can offer refills that cost significantly less than new cartridges and / or discounts on new cartridges when you leave your old one. It can even be so smooth that it is possible for you to send in your old cartridges by mail. Thus, you can recycle your ink cartridges and get paid for it without even having to take you to any store.

By recycling your cartridges in this way you will save both you and the manufacturer / dealer money while taking care of the already vulnerable nature.


Ink cartridges are certainly not cheap so it comes to buying right from the beginning to avoid unnecessary costs. Our tip is that you can compare ink cartridges before you decide what you can do. Here you can easily find the right cartridge for your printer while smoothly and clearly can compare various retailers and their prices. By purchasing the right kind of ink cartridges, you are kind to your wallet and the environment.

Plastic Waste and The Baltic Sea

Plastic Waste and The Baltic Sea

Plastic in the sea – a perpetual problem

imagesPlastic waste that has grown to huge proportions is a problem both in the oceans in the Baltic Sea. Especially problematic is the comminuted plastic waste, which means a constant threat to birds and other life forms.

In 1997, during a sailing home from Hawaii, discovered the American yachtsman and oceanographer Charles J. Moore, something that his worst fears come true. During the week, when Moore and his crew on the boat Alguita broke through the subtropical high-pressure area sailed the literally in a sea of plastic. Moore describes how he, whenever he stood on the deck, saw the plastic garbage everywhere – plastic bottles, corks, packaging and plastic pieces. The plastic, mostly small plastic particles, formed a plastic soup down to ten meters deep. Then either sailors or fishermen normally moves in the area had the huge plastic accumulation not previously detected. The plastic can not be seen on satellite images because it mainly concerns very small plastic fragments.

Already nine years earlier, in 1988, the US organization NOOA predicted that there would be a large area with debris at the base of observations from Alaska’s coastal areas. However, Moores, and later by other researchers, findings showed that the problem was much bigger than anyone could imagine. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, as debris accumulation was named, proved to be not only one but two huge areas with plastic debris in the middle of the two ocean eddies in the North Pacific. The news was widely reported around the world. Media reported dramatically on a newly discovered continent which only consisted of plastic waste. A variety of research projects started, and soon the researchers were able to show that similar debris accumulations were found in all the world’s five large ocean eddies. According to researchers, this would mean a total of about 100 million tons of plastic waste. And it is feared that the amount will double in ten years if nothing is done to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the sea.

Baltic Sea: focus on anything other than trash

How is it in the Baltic Sea? We have here in Scandinavia have been pretty good at taking care of our waste. We have a long tradition of active environmental education, we have a well-functioning waste management and we have a judgmental attitude toward littering overall. Many organizations have been working actively for a clean Baltic Sea, and the Helsinki Commission got its Baltic Sea Action Plan in 2007. For visiting vessels, there are strict rules regarding waste management, and the Baltic Sea has special status in the MARPOL Agreement statutes on marine waste. One might, therefore, think that it looks better in the Baltic Sea than in other seas. But images-1most of the environmental work has so far focused on anything other than rubbish. First, it was oil, radioactive substances, DDT, PCBs, mercury and other toxic substances. After a few years with abundant blooms awakened public and eutrophication became the main theme. Problems with plastic waste in the Baltic Sea has become a little on the side.

The project examines the origin of the waste

This spring started a research project, MARLIN (Baltic Marine Litter), whose goal is to get a more accurate picture of litter around the Baltic Sea. MARLIN administered by the Swedish Keep the Archipelago Tidy. With the project is also Finland, Estonia, and Latvia with their corresponding organizations. The survey is conducted on beaches that represent different environments and have different uses pressure. Everything from from marinas and typical recreational beaches are represented.

All debris found along a 100 meter stretch of beach on each analyzed a total of six times – spring, summer, and autumn – for two years. All rubbish is categorized ago, according to a method developed in the United Nations Environment Programme. The results will then be used to develop new and effective methods to curb littering the Baltic Sea.

Thirteen plastic bags of hundred meters

I was there when the first in project MARLIN examined. On Corporation Koivisto, we collected thirteen plastic garbage bags on a hundred meters distance. Thirteen plastic bags of hundred meters – it would mean 130 bags of one kilometer! And then we were in the Archipelago National Park, looking for a beach to the southwest and open sea. Before the sea face, you could say. Admittedly, this is one of the archipelago’s most visited natural harbors in the bay next door, but it was quite a bit of garbage that certainly could be attributed to boat-Semitism.

No, the debris that had floated ashore here had probably originated mainly from shipping out in the Gulf of Finland. So it seemed, at least, when they read often quite exotic texts washed ashore on the bottles and packaging. Another category likely descended from the fishing boats. Fishing ropes and floats were plentiful. The rest, from the toilet lid to hail cartridge cases, dish brushes and plastic sandals, had been of unknown origin.

Out in the oceans, a large part of the plastic debris from land-based sources. In many areas no functioning waste collection and there will often deliberately waste dumped in the ocean. Also, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis of huge amounts of waste at sea. In the Baltic Sea, we have neither floods, hurricanes or tsunamis. So remain conscious littering, unfortunately, as an important source. Fixed want to be positive about it, it’s good for the litter, we can do something about. It is also an environmental problem which is undoubtedly caused by us humans. Therefore, we can all be agreed that it is we who have to fix the problem. To clean up a beach is a good start.

Eco Friendly Products Exposed

Eco Friendly Products Exposed

Eco Friendly Products

Definitions of Eco Friendly Products

Numerous traditional items function as promotional goods, but should you wish to be noticed, thinking up new ideas makes for a more powerful advertising campaign. For them, organic products’ve got extreme price. Plastic products aren’t bio degradable and hence not a nutritious choice. Utilizing the environmental friendly products will help you in a variety of ways along with your economic living. Most green products are created with easy and minimal packaging that could decrease their whole price tag. Third, you will discover that you’re in a position to use some typical household products so as to find an efficient eco friendly item. Browse now and you may rest sure that you are going to receive only premium quality products at competitive prices.

The Advantages of Eco Friendly Products

You will discover that bamboo is a good material that is rather stylish when used for various household items like furniture and facets of the house. Bamboo makes a decent alternate to the normal timber, which takes decades to develop into renewable or profitable supply of building material. Bamboo also functions as an amazing material for eco friendly products. The environmentally friendly bamboo produces a natural looking and long-lasting wall cover along with ceiling panels.

You’ll have the benefit of pure light and the great thing about the Earth as your backdrop. There are a number of advantages of using eco friendly home solutions. Presently a days people are somewhat more concerned regarding the impact which our lifestyles creates in the surroundings and they’re also conscious about the way in which the kind of products which they use will impact such areas as the soil, water and air. If you’d love to do your very own small part to help the surroundings, solar panels are a fantastic place to begin.

You may also avoid gifts made from plastic and toxic material. The next eco-friendly gifts are not only going to endure the test of time, but can readily be recycled. There are a number of online stores where a huge variety of precisely the same product available. You just have to spend the sort of bamboo clothing or accessories and you will receive it from renowned brands.

Eco Friendly Products – Dead or Alive?

The only means to actually know whether an item consists of phthalates is to write to a business and ask them. Remember, there are a number of practical methods for purchasing these products. The time needed to make a number of these products myself. Many people do not utilize such products which will release toxins and chemicals to be able to safeguard the environment.

The Argument About Eco Friendly Products

Eco solutions or green solutions have one major advantage over plastic solutions. Brighon’s eco friendly cleaning products are only one of several ways that the business is going green. Hence a consumer ought to know the difference between different terms connected to the developing green revolution. When consumers are considering saving the surroundings and insist on buying such goods, the industry pulse has to shift to earn way for the shift.

Eco-friendly products have become popular in the industrial in addition to the corporate sector. It’s possible to purchase superior products from them but you have few options to select from since nearly all of them just do the job for a single company. Many times, the solution was supposed to create the cleaning products ourselves. There are various varieties of industrial plumbing products which are employed in residential and industrial plumbing systems.

Tetrasodium EDTA: What’s Wrong?

Tetrasodium EDTA: What’s Wrong?

marine-lifeThe tetrasodium EDTA is a chelating agent, which serves to react and form complexes with metal ions which could affect stability and / or appearance of cosmetics. It “seizes” the metals, but doing so makes them available to be dissolved in water. Then the residue of cosmetics that end up in water cause an increase in metals already present in them. And it derivate the poisoning of marine life (and who eats it … mercury levels in fish are more than a concern!).

Although this substance is so controversial – Ecolabel a brand in Europe do not allow its use for example – the tetrasodium EDTA continues to be used.

The reasons have been explained by Fabrizio Zago, an industrial chemical that is also consultant of Ecolabel: “The official reason” is that acting as sequestering it reduces water hardness and then let surfactants (including soap to work better. The specific reason for the presence in soaps is that sequesters iron ions that otherwise will cause rancidity of the soap itself with production of bad smell. In liquids products, emulsions and so on instead this EDTA is introduced because it is a good adjuvant of preservative system that breaks down the microbial although not defined as “antibacterial” or “biocidal”. One will wonder then if can not be replaced : “It depends from case to case: the liquid sequestering action can be supported by sodium citrate (but you will not have the antibacterial effect), in soaps the less polluting choice is the sodium etidronate, without, again, bactericidal action.

“Natural” substances that will be able to do everything that EDTA do not exists or I do not know them but a mixture of substances can make all the functions of EDTA alone. But since it costs so little and really works, you will not find any traditional industry of cosmetic willing to give it up. ”

We lovers of nature already know it, so let’s do our action, let’s read the composition of what we buy and do not buy anymore cosmetics having this EDTA, a clear message can be given to traditional cosmetic industries if suddenly their sales decrease!.

Tips for Quicker and Natural Cooking

Tips for Quicker and Natural Cooking

Now that you have decided to eat more natural and introduce organic food you surely will notice that prepare good natural food requires more time and effort, but with some tips you can save time and enjoy cooking:

farmers market vegetablesWhen shopping for vegetables (maybe once a week) dedicate an hour to wash them, then wrap them individually in a cloth towel and keep them fresh (carrots are very comfortable to hold in a bag of cotton).

Cook pasta, soups and stews for two meals.

Cook the rice and other cereals in quantities for for three meals. You can later only heat, or use them in different types of recipes that allow you to reuse them, like salads, baked dishes , etc.

In your kitchen cupboard, keep a shelf for storing cereals, another one for sweeteners and nuts, one for spices, one for bread and biscuits, etc.. If you keep in order you will find your ingredients much easier and faster.

While cooking do not make a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. As you use tools or utensils, rinse them and put them to drain. Uncluttered you move better and faster, and the time spent cleaning is widely repaid.

If find difficulties in organizing the kitchen, make a list of dishes that you will prepare, starting with what he has to cook longer and ending with the most fast. The salad, which should not cook, be prepared for last.

If you are planning your kitchen, or if have the ability to adapt to new needs, consider this replacements: sink – large working – stove, so that the work plan enable it to fully utilize the other two resources.

For each job should be used the right tools, and the kitchen is no exception.

Viaggiare da sola oltreoceano con un bebè

Viaggiare da sola oltreoceano con un bebè

Ho dovuto fare un viaggio intercontinentale da sola con la mia bambina e credetemi è un compito difficile, fare le code per tutti i controlli , mettere su e giù la mia bimba dal passeggino per i controlli di sicurezza, portare il nostro bagaglio a mano e poi aspettare le relative ore per la conessione del volo. Tutte queste manovre e attesse possono farti perdere i nervi facilmente, ma fortunatamente questo non è stato il mio caso e dopo aver vissuto questa esperienza, vorrei condividere con voi i seguenti consigli:
BPA free food containerNon è facile trovare rapidamente un buon menù per bambini al bar o ristoranti dell’aeroporto. Quindi, preparate un menù rapido e sano per il vostro bambino come il riso o pasta con verdure e portatelo con voi in un contenitore per alimenti libero di Bisfenolo A . Potete scaldarlo se desiderate e questo contenitore vi sarà utile una volta arrivati nel paese di destino.


babys milk Portate con voi 2 o 3 mini confezioni di latte a lunga conservazione per preparare il biberon durante i voli e, in caso di diarrea portate anche alcune piccole confezioni di succo di frutta (se mela meglio ). Non preoccupatevi, gli alimenti per bambini si possono trasportare sugli aerei anche se liquidi.



muji containersPer avere un bagaglio a mano leggero ed avere comunque a disposizione tutti i prodotti per la cura personale necessari potete acquistare presso Muji alcuni mini contenitori di plastica da viaggio da riempire con sapone liquido, creme, deodoranti, dentifricio. Inoltre potete provare a chiedere nel vostro negozio di erboristeria di regalarvi alcuni campioni gratuiti. Se siete i vostri clienti abituali loro saranno lieti di darvi una mano.


Madrid airport kindergardenChiedere nel punto informazione se hanno a disposizione un servizio di asilo nido. Ho scoperto per caso questo servizio all’aeroporto di Madrid nella sezione JKH e credetemi mi è stato di grande aiuto per trascorrere serenamente l’attesa per il volo di collegamento mentre la mia piccola si divertiva giocando. Questo asilo è stato fantastico, aveva a disposizione la sezione biblioteca, sezione di gioco, sezione pappa con seggioloni e microonde, stanzetta con culle e ho potuto anche farle il bagno alla mia piccola con tanto di doccia acqua calda e phon . Per avere accesso al servizio bisogna presentare la carta d’imbarco.

Portate nel vostro bagaglio a mano tutti i farmaci che il pediatra ha prescritto al vostro bambino e tenete fra i documenti la prescrizione medica e scontrino.